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Medicare Supplement Plan F

Please Note: Plan F is no longer available to those starting Medicare in the year 2020 or beyond. For more information on why, please see here

Plan F is the most popular for it is the easiest to understand and offers the most and best benefits. Some of the best features of this plan are:

  1. Never see a hospital bill
  2. Usually Guaranteed Issue when coming off group health insurance or turning 65
  3. Just pay your premium and forget about extra bills like co-pays and coinsurance

However, in most cases Plan F is not necessarily the best option. In fact, in most cases it is the most OVERPRICED plan on the market, yet 60% of seniors have a Medicare Supplement plan F.

Why is that?

Because that is what they are SOLD. No one took the time to explain that you should buy Medigap plan F so the agent can make more money at your expense!

Did you know Medigap plan F will no longer be offered beginning in 2020? HR2 was signed into law by President Obama earlier in 2015. This law PROHIBITS plans that pay your Part B deductible from being offered to retirees.

What does this mean to you? If you have plan F now, how will you be impacted?

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