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What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C, include Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Medical). It is provided through private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

How do I choose my Doctor?

Typically you have to use plan doctors through an HMO, or PPO network. What are the Differences between these?


- You have to stay in the network for service. If you go out of the network you have not coverage. (Except in emergencies)

- You typically have to have a referral to see a doctor

- You have to have a Primary Care Physician

- Your care, overall, is more closely managed in an HMO, and in return your copays are usually lower than a PPO


- You have the flexibility to see doctors in and out of network. Although Out of Network doctors will cost more

- You can see a specialist without a referral

- You have a bit more control over your health, and in return, your copays may be slightly higher than an HMO

How Much does it Cost?

- Most people pay the Part B premium

- If the plan has a monthly premium, you must pay that in addition to the Part B premium

- You pay copays or coinsurance for covered services. Costs and rules vary by plan.

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