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I use SureLC (SuranceyBay) Software to prepare our contracting paperwork to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and meet your needs. SureLC(SuranceyBay) will also decrease the time it takes for producers to input information and complete contracts in 5-8 minutes. Please watch the video below. The video below will show you what SureLC (SuranceyBay) is and how to begin as a producer (Agent). It is essential to your SureLC (SuranceyBay) experience to go as smoothly as possible. Afterwards, please look to the right of the video to find out what you need on hand and the steps to take if you are a new or existing user with our SureLC (SuranceBay). If you need additional assistance please contact us by either sending an email to [email protected] or call 352-217-1000 


What's Needed

Please have these items either on your computer already scanned or at least by you before you start. Please take a photo of your Voided Check and Driver's License.Required Items:

Voided Check

E&O Insurance

Bank Information (Router Number & Account Number)

Driver's License